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I hereby pledge to demonstrate good sportsmanship and show encouragement to my teammates participating in the BHYFL organization by following this participation code of conduct pledge:


1. I will support and be respectful to all coaches, board members, adult volunteers, teammates, parents, opponents, and officials.


2. I will be a team player and I will work hard to improve my skill. I will learn the rules and play by them.


3. I will be a good sport and set a positive example for others. I will learn to lose with dignity and to win with grace.


4. I will refrain from vulgar, lewd or obscene language, threatening words or gestures while participating in, or watching any league sponsored even whether at home or away.


5. I will not smoke, drink alcohol or use any other illegal substance; failure to abide by this police will result in immediate dismissal from the team.


6. Any behavior the reflects poorly on the team during any official league function will result in immediate disciplinary action s decided by the coaches and league officials.


7. I will be on time for practice and inform my coach in advance when I will be unable to make practice unless an emergency arises. Failure to abide by this code of conduct will automatically render the child unable to participate or attend an organizational sponsored event either home or away.


8. The BHYFL Board members have the sole right to enforce violations.