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#1 Why should I join the BHYFL?

The BHYFL is our area's #1 and premier youth football program and only cheerleading program. We have been Rapid City's Youth Sport's club of the Year, and we have associations in nearly every community in the Black Hills including 3 associations right here in Rapid City. If you believe your son or daughter deserves nothing but the best experience in youth sports, please know that the BHYFL does not settle for anything less that the best for all our children.


#2 What is the difference between the BHYFL and different youth football league's?

The BHYFL is the only youth football in our area to offer ALL of the following: Cheerleading, real 100 yard fields (area colleges and high schools) with actual goal posts, scoreboards, time clocks, real rules, player introductions and announcing. The BHYFL focuses on safety, with new equipment, background checked and certified/trained coaches, USA Football/Heads Up coach training, NFL team names and a  jersey which is personalized for your participant and that they get to keep!


#3 What does my registration fee go for?

Among being able to provide all the things listed above in #2, registration fees pay for year round league expenses to include, but not limited to the following: Equipment, field use (when it applies), referees, insurance, printing, advertising, website and credit card processing fees, supplies, background checks, labor payroll, awards, storage, and more.


#4 Is participation in a fundraiser required?

In an effort to keep the cost for participation to a minimum, most associations will do at least one fundraiser, which the participants should participate in. Associations each have their own expenses that fund-raising and sponsorship go towards. Each association is their own stand alone organization and are able to handle much of their own affairs, including sponsors and fund-raising, keeping those funds.


#5 What is an Association? How are we represented?

The BHYFL currently is broken into geographical associations, each association with their own non-profit status and board of directors. Each association has a Commissioner that is part of overseeing BHYFL Board of Commissioners. They meet regularly and discuss, debate and vote on issues.


#6 What Association should I register my participant for?

Register for the association that represents your community, if in Rapid City, is broken into geographical regions by middle school district.


#7 What Division should I register my participant for?

Divisions are according to school grade in the fall season. 1st & 2nd grade are Mighty Mites, 3rd & 4th grade are Junior Pee Wee, 5th & 6th are Pee Wee, and 7th grade is Senior Pee Wee.


#8 When does the season start?

Our season is the traditional fall season youth football league of 3 months. We begin practice on or about the 1st of August. The regular season games begin in September, the season goes for 7 regular season games, followed by play offs and then our Division Super Bowls, ending by the 2nd week in November.


#9 When and where are practices and games?

Games are every Saturday. There may be an occasional game under the lights at night, and there is a possibility of a make up scheduled game on a week night if necessary. Games are held at your local High School, BHSU in Spearfish, SDSMT in Rapid City, Sioux Park in Rapid City or field assigned.

Practice is limited to 2 hours per session and 3 times per week. Practices cannot be held on weekends without the approval of the BHYFL. The practice schedule and location will be set up by each association and coaching staff/


#10 When is the deadline to register?

We STRONGLY recommend registering as soon as you realize your family wishes to play in the fall. There is a maximum of 25 players per team to insure a better experience for all players. More than 25 per team may be approved by the BHYFL. If the team you are requesting is full, you may be offered placement on a different team or placed on a waiting list. The actual registration deadline in July 1st, but most teams are at a capacity prior to that time. NO REGISTRATIONS ARE COMPLETE WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT.